A drying belt increases your production


A drying belt increases your production

<strong>A </strong><strong>drying belt</strong><strong> increases your production</strong>Drying products for your company can take time. To save some time and let your production continue you can use a drying belt. A drying belt can be used for continuous drying of products, such as woodchip, pellets and moulded compounds. The drying belt uses air, inert gas or flue gas to dry your products in no time. A drying belt system is often used with food, bulk material and chemical products. You can now buy your belt at Hardick. We would like to tell you more about this mechanism and about our services. If you still have questions after reading all the information, you can always contact us so that we can help you and see what the possibilities are for your company.

A drying belt has big advantages for your company

A drying belt can help you dry your products and let the productions grow. It uses air, inert gas or flue gas to make sure your products dry within a short period. To make sure that the products are dried the right way, the drying belt must meet rather exact specifications. Especially when it comes to the use in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries this is important. We can give you all advice you need about a drying belt. We are also happy to explain the advantages of a drying belt:

  • Our dryers are easy to clean
  • They offer simple access to internal components
  • We have fully automatic control systems, which makes your production more efficient
  • They come in a single set up and in systems with multiple drying bands

In case you are working with products that tend to create dust, a system with multiple drying belts can come to good use. While all your products dry, you can continue to produce new products. This has positive consequences for your company. Before you know it, your production goes up and you can increase your turnover. So give your company a boost by buying our products.

We are always looking for innovative ideas

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