How, why and where you play keno, all in one article


How, why and where you play keno, all in one article

Keno is one of the most popular games in the world, yet until recently it was very rare to encounter anybody who plays it in Europe. The game of keno was practically unknown outside of those who visited casinos regularly. It certainly never used to be mentioned together with casino games like poker, blackjack or roulette. Recently though, we have noticed that keno is rapidly becoming more popular, particularly amongst more casual, low-stakes gamblers. There are a lot of good reasons for that. The recent rise of keno in Europe is down to a few things, namely:

  • The fast pace of the game;
  • The easy learning curve;
  • It is very easy to step in and out of games;
  • Variable stakes, from very low to rather high;
  • It’s suitability for online gambling.
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If you do not know keno but you like to have a small flutter every once in a while, you need to try it out. The game itself is really quite simple. It is a lottery type of game. Each player picks numbers, numbers are drawn and if they match the numbers that you chose, you win. Within this simple system, keno can contain a surprising amount of variation. The odds and payouts are dependent on how many numbers are chosen, with the chance of winning decreasing and the payouts increasing with more numbers. Games commonly range from 5 numbers to 9 or 10, sometimes even more. Sometimes there is some freedom in the allowed stakes built in, with a minimum and usually a maximum, while other games are played with fixed bets. Nowadays you also have more choice in whether you play in a casino or gaming hall, or whether you choose to play in the increasingly popular online games. The latter options comes highly recommended.

Playing the right keno game for you

Being an old game, keno began as a game played in gambling dens and casinos. Much like most other forms of gambling, though, it has moved more and more into the online world, with the internet availability of games skyrocketing in recent years. At any given moment there are thousands of online games to choose from, in several different languages and each with their own rules and requirements. That can mean that choosing the online game that you want to play in can be pretty daunting if you are playing for the first time. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, for example the allowed stakes, the speed and timing of the games, the number of numbers that you must choose and of course the language that the game is played in. Fortunately there are website out there designed specifically to help solve this problem, such as Let’s Play Keno does not run games themselves, rather they provide a helpful listing of available online games, along with displaying offers available from each site and reviews from other players. This helps you to make an informed choice and should stop you wasting your time on badly run games or falling prey to rip off sites.

A winning strategy

It is worth remembering that keno is a game that is entirely down to chance. Of course, lots of people have their lucky numbers, but do not buy into any strategies that anyone tries to sell you on. The numbers are drawn at random, and if you are lucky, you will win. So play for fun, play to win, but play sensibly and it can be an awful lot of fun.