Learning to import motorcycle parts in a hurry


Learning to import motorcycle parts in a hurry

For a long while my garage on the edge of Canterbury in the South East of England dealt almost exclusively with cars. With a recent change in clientele, however, I have had to learn about working on motorbikes in a hurry. The mechanics is easy, but one of the challenges was finding out how to import motorcycle parts, or at least to know how I could import motorcycle parts of good quality and get them delivered in time. There have always been a lot of motorcyclist around the area, thanks to plentiful country roads and good weather for Great Britain, but when an older garage nearby closed down several months ago, the bikers had to find a new place to get their motorbikes fixed and maintained. I was lucky enough that many of them chose to come to my garage. I had some basic experience in maintaining motorbikes, like any mechanic, but I would not have called myself an expert. I was also used to working almost exclusively with large brand, well-known and common motorbikes. Getting hold of parts for those was never a challenge. But with the more exotic bikes that my new clients have, I need to import motorcycle parts for fairly unique bikes on a regular basis. When they started to use my garage, I was well aware that I needed to find a good place to import motorcycle parts immediately, otherwise I would lose the new clients to someone who could provide what they wanted. I had a few priorities. I would need to import motorcycle parts from a company who:

  • Provided clear listings of parts;
  • Delivered quickly and reliably;
  • Had competitive pricing;
  • Had a wide range of parts for even the most unusual motorbikes.

Where I import motorcycle parts from

My contacts in the garage business had a few recommendations, but there was one name that cropped up regularly, particularly from my most in-the-know friends. Double R Trading, based in the Netherlands, appeared to meet all of my requirements. Their website, doublertrading.com, provides an excellent, complete listing of parts for business-to-business sale, with good search functions and clear information about the parts available. They provide original parts and they will deliver them all over the world. In the last months I have needed to import motorcycle parts on a weekly basis, or sometimes more often, and I am yet to fail to find the part I required on the Double R Trading website. The deliveries have all been within the schedule that they set out when I placed the order, and often the next day. My clients, of course, expect their motorbikes to be fixed up and ready to go as soon as possible, or preferably sooner, so this reliability and speed is of huge value to me and my business. The parts are all of high quality, which means that they are not always the cheapest available, but I have yet to encounter a client of this type who is willing to trade quality and reliability for a few pounds and I do not blame them.

You can find all of the parts that you need

So far I have been able to import motorcycle parts from every brand that I have heard of, plus a few that were new to me at the time. There have been classic bikes from all over the world and yet I have been able to import motorcycle parts for every one of them via Double R Trading. It should be the first stop for anyone in my position.